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Discover the southwestern part of the Algarve with us. Our lodge is the best location for a variety of tours both inland and along the Atlantic coast. You’ll be surprised by so many different terrains, ranging from cliffs to remote beaches, from dried up streambeds to the mountain peak Foia near the Monchique. We offer all motorcyclists who love off-road tours and Enduro motocross, the perfect adventure.

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The lodge

Modern rooms with bathroom, a familiar flair and a south-facing garden that has it all!

Enduro Portugal


Our tours are always adapted to the abilities of our guests and with our guides we're well prepared for it.



Have a look at the affordable packages we're offering you, for both individuals and groups.

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Owner & organizer

The enduro fever grabbed him early on and since you can't drive freely in Germany, Colin was looking for a perfect place where he can have everything at once. He takes care of driving the Enduro and also gives his guests their money's worth. Tour guide: up to bronze.



Guide & mechanic

He grew up in the woods on our trails and at the age of 6 he got his first MX bike. From enduro novice to pro rider Merlin can basically handle anything. He speaks German & Portuguese, both mother tongues and is a fine mechanic in the lodge as well. Tour guide: up to pro gold.




Filipe is a local from the southwestern part of the Algarve and he knows the area around Carrapateira like no other! So far he only participated in races in Portugal, but in 2017 there will also be enduro races in Europe. Tour guide: up to gold.



House chaplain

He is so much more than just our support and refuge. Flash is friendly, very attentive and passionate. The truth we do not stretch or shove, when we state that the dog is really full of love. You'll like him.